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Michael Kogan is a well respected licensed kitchen & bath (K&B) designer/dealer, who learned construction while growing in a wholesale kitchen, bath and plumbing supply family. Michael is truly one of the K&B/construction icons. "I grew up reading the Kohler price and spec. book, when others were playing kickball!" My inspiration was, and still is my father, Abe Kogan founder/owner of Builders Plumbing Supply, and K.D.A. ( Kitchen Distributors of America ) Two 50 year old companies, managed by my father Abe, brothers Steve and Howard, cousin Harvey, and myself. As the youngest in a large industry, I had no option but to look up and learn from my family; who set the standards in the industry, being the "LARGEST" kitchen/cabinet company in the country, and approximately the 7th or 8th largest plumbing supplierin the U.S!

Our companies' motto was "The kichen is the heart of your home."  I believe it still is.  Especially in this economic climate, your home is your castle!  At 78 Inc. we can make your dream project happen. I personally have over 300 satisfied retail clients, not even mentioning contractors, or wholesale customers.

We can, and will suggest many simple, yet efficient space saving, ergonomic, and energy saving design ideas, that few designers can. We can re-wire homes for future electrical and computer demands! We can easily and cost effectively install radiant floor heat. We'll install new interior or exterior doors, as well as replace newer, better designed windows, and either remove or add new walls in order to serve your design needs!  We work quietly and efficiently, with minimal noise.  Projects swept daily and debris removed as needed.

At 78 Inc, we listen to your needs, we will create a design notebook with your wish lists, notes, clippings, photos, lists, charts, samples, etc.  We will analyze your kitchen, bath, or any home improvement needs to find out what you really want to gain.  We want to know what fits your family.

•  Is there enough storage?                    
•  Do we have to replace fixtures?
•  Is everything at the right height?        
•  Are there physical limitations?  (e.g. Do we need a higher seated toilet?)
•  What would the family enjoy? (e.g. steam, sauna, whirlpool, skylight, built-in stereo system, 
    towel bar warmers, Internet access)

With one call, we can do it all!  We look forward to working with you.

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